Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh the Places Cheerios Go

It has finally happened. I was checking my e-mail and my little man Ethan comes over to me with the saddest poutiest lip I have ever seen. I asked him what was wrong and he didn't answer. I asked him again and told him I wouldn't be able to help him unless he told me what was wrong.
I've heard horror stories from other moms on this topic and always thought to myself "WOW, I hope that never happens to me." Well what happened next was that something I had hoped would never happen to me.
In his squeaky, quiet as a mouse voice, he told me it was because he had cheerios in his nose. !!!! WHAT? Are they still there? Where? Both Sides? !!! Panic! What to do what to do?!

Luckily it was only on one side and I was able to help him hold one side closed while he blew that cheerio out onto the floor. Whew! So today's lesson....Cheerios don't belong in noses.


Mom said...

We all have to go thru it I guess. Glad it turned out okay.

Anna R said...

Had to laugh... but poor ethan!
Reminds me of last week: a friend's daughter was freaking out about something being in her nose. Her mom helped her pinch and blow...out came a FLY!! Sooo gross. It'll make for a funny story some day.