Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Big Project of the Summer and Back to School!

Summer is gone but I didn't want to forget to share the pictures from our last big project we worked on this summer. It was our Labor Day project. I talked all about it in my last post HERE.
Take a look at our Before, In Progress and After pics:
(Notice the shed on the left the fence and patio railing... Those are both fixed up now)

In Progress:


After it was all painted I decided it needed a little "touch of Brittany" so I made this sign and hung it on the beam above the swings.

Even the brackets got a makeover! I didn't get a picture of the steering wheel that I spray painted red (I used a can of spray paint specifically for plastics) but it is hanging under the green roof up on the platform railing. The kids are loving it!
I love how it turned out and maybe if the weather holds up I've got plans to paint the floor of the platform into a road/"FUN CITY" for the kids to play on with their toy cars. It's amazing what a little paint and recycled lumber can do to make a playground NEW again.

Speaking of NEW...It's a new school year! Kiera is now in First Grade and Ethan is in his second year of preschool. We are figuring out our routine and settling into everything. It is taking some getting used to but the kids are enjoying their new classes and teachers. Emma is also enjoying some one on one time with mommy while the older two are away at school.

I just wanted to share the first Day of School Pics we took. Even Emma got in on the fun.

Since we did so well with taking pictures for school we decided to take a few more on Sunday morning before church so I could get a shot of Emma by herself. And I love this last shot of all three of the kids even more than the first one!


SparkE said...

What a great project! The kiddo's are growing so fast and are so cute!

Mom said...

I miss my babies !