Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What we did Yesterday

So yesterday was Labor Day. It was a beautiful day. Not only was the sun shining but my hubby had the day off work too. I love it when he gets to spend the day with me! We decided to spend the day doing a project. And when Dan and I get started on a project some amazing things can happen.

We just recently hired someone to come and stain our fence and back deck/patio and it looks great. But since doing that our playground looked very very sad. We decided we would start sprucing it up a bit. The best part is that we didn't have to go out and buy any materials either (except for the 4 carriage bolts Dan is picking up today on his way home from work). We've had some pieces to fix it up for some time and I think we got the push we needed when one of the kids' swings broke the other day. I went searching on craigslist and found a couple of swings, a trapeze bar, a fireman pole, a steering wheel and a climbing rope all for $20.  It was a pretty great find considering a swing by itself costs about $20 new.

So around 10 in the morning we got busy. We added a bigger platform for the slide and put railing on one side so I don't have to worry so much about Emma being pushed off. We are using the ladder that we originally made for the kid's bunk beds but aren't going to use again. We attached the fireman pole off to the side of the platform and added on the tarp canopy roof that we've had since buying the playset.It looks great. All we have to do now is attache the slide and the plastic steering wheel and we'll be set. We haven't decided if we're going to use the climbing rope yet. But the next step is painting.

I went over a few of the brackets that hold the A-frame together with some Rustoleum rust stopper paint and just have to find a good opportunity to get the main/stain to paint the rest. The kids start school tomorrow so maybe I'll have a few hours to work on it while Emma naps. It is going to be awesome. I wish I could show you some before pics but I went through most of my pictures and can't find any. I'll post pics later when it's all done.

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