Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Recap #2 Marie Comes!

Guess who came to visit!!! MY BESTIE!!!!

I had been counting down the days from the day I found out she'd be coming. Marie O'Neil who's been in Germany while her husband Charles works over there made a trip "home" to Washington (where she belongs in my opinion). The kids picked up right where they left of and so did we. Back were the days of sitting on the back deck chatting away while the kids played. Back were the days of not caring what the house looked like when visitors came over. We dropped everything and enjoyed our time together.

I will say her trip was much too short and I almost lost it again when it came time to say goodbye but I sure am glad she was able to come. I just wish baby would have decided to come a bit earlier so she had a chance to meet her. Oh well...

And I sure wish I had gotten a picture of Carley too but she was much to busy playing I guess, but WHY OH WHY didn't I get a picture of Marie and I together! I can't believe I didn't even get a phone camera "Selfie" or SOMETHING! But she WAS here and that's all that matters!

Oh and just for fun I thought I'd include my Ode to Marie. I wrote it to go in our Super Hero binders that Grandma Shellie put together at our Reunion. We were each asked to write something about someone who is our hero.

My Hero

I have a hero. She is someone who has and still is always there to talk to, even when she lives thousands of miles across the ocean. She makes me laugh and is there to listen and let me cry when I need it. She is the type of friend who is irreplaceable and one I hope to never loose.
Before she moved to Germany she and I would do so much together. Our kids are of similar ages and so we had lots in common to talk about. She was my workout buddy, and race companion and motivator. If I needed a shopping buddy at 8:30 at night she was there. If I needed a last minute babysitter she was available. When I wanted company at the park with the kids she was up for it.

She and I always made time for one another and if either one of us needed something we’d drop what we were doing and were eager to help. She is the only one who would ever stop by just for the heck of it and would end up staying for hours talking about absolutely nothing while the kids played. I love her so much and miss her like crazy and sometimes feel like another part of me is missing but I will never forget what she has been to me. And that is a true hero. 

Thank you Marie O’Neil!

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