Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Recap #5 Miscellaneous

I was going through my camera on my phone and found a bunch of pictures that will to finish up the rest of my summer posts. Summer is my all time favorite season. I love everything that comes with warm weather and sunshine. We were extremely busy and tons happened summer of 2014 but it was as it should be.
I made my own hospital gown to use after baby's delivery but didn't end up using until I got home from the hospital. It was nice and comfy to wear while I recovered.

Kiera attended her first Activity Days Day Camp. She loved it and even got to shoot a BB gun! She came home with these colored bandana's and decided to share with her sister. This is picture of the kids being silly after having me tie them around their heads. We didn't want to leave Ethan out.

This summer we took many walks. (mostly for me to try and get labor started) And although they weren't good for starting labor they were awesome for finding these lovelies! Blackberries grow wild around here and the best part is that they are FREE!  We made many blackberry smoothies this summer.

They were great over vanilla ice cream too!

Dan and the kids love to make and fly paper airplanes in our neighborhood's common areas. Here they are showing of their cool airplanes that daddy made for them.

Nothing beats summer gardening!

and putting the littles to work. Just like we did growing up

Saute'd scalloped squash has become one of my favorite summertime snacks. A little butter and garlic and salt and pepper...mmmm.

For FHE one night we broke out the melting chocolates and dipped pretzels. We let the kids decorate them with crushed candy canes and sprinkles.
 And there probably wasn't a day that went by that I didn't snap a picture of my baby Ellie. She is just precious! So worth the wait!

Call me crazy but not too long after Ellie was born and my help had gone home I was out and about making more work for myself. Why do I do this to myself? Oh well...
A friend of mine (Lauren Hansen) lives in a subdivision that has a park full of apple trees. I think at one point it was supposed to be a community garden but it never really took off. So now, every year there are these trees filled with apples that just end up going to waste and fall on the ground. So instead we took advantage and picked these beauties to make homemade applesauce.

Lauren getting her baby fix
Here's my big helper Emma helping me turn our apples into yummy applesauce. Look at that concentration!

This is a picture of Ellie in my blessing dress. Yes, It was blue. But since I made her a white one I had to get a picture of her in mine just for posterity sake.

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