Friday, September 12, 2014

Summertime recap #1 Fort Steven's Reunion

Time has flown by here at the Glenn household.! Summer was packed full and we stayed busy busy! We went on bikes rides, had bbq's, went camping, welcomed a new baby into our family, and just this past weekend Kiera was baptized and baby Ellie Grace was blessed at church. But now summer is officially over and the kids are back in school. Yippeee! I don't know who's more excited, the kids or mom? Kiera is in the 3rd grade and Ethan is in 1st grade. Emma also started preschool this year! My babies are growing up so much and I am so thankful I get to be a part of it. Motherhood really is the best!

So to catch up with all the many things we have been up to lately this is going to be another one of my photo heavy postings. Lots and lots of pictures, and a little commentary here and there. So here it goes...

Fort Steven's Glenn Family Reunion:

Kiera and Adelle rescuing Dan from the sharks during our Glenn Family Olympics games

Adelle hula hooping

spending time at the lake

Arya playing with the dandelions while everyone else plays tug-o-war

At the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Just wishing it wasn't so windy!

who says pregnant people can't hula hoop?

Dan floating on the lake but trying to keep EVERYTHING out of the water because it was too cold

spent the day at Sea Side and played on the bumper cars and tilt-a-whirl before going to Phillips candy store.

Dan trying to teach Ethan how to skim board

Dan and Kaleb at war

Dan's take on the hula hoop

Grandpa Glenn made everyone boats to decorate and float for our Cousin's Raingutter Regata races. Can you tell Emma's excited?

Emma at the beach

Emma didn't get in the water at the lake much but she loved wearing the frog float while getting her feet wet

Playing hide and seek at Battery Russel and scaring other visitors/strangers in the dark (hilarious story...Ethan and Grandma were playing the usual hide-n-seek and thought the rest of the cousins were coming and around the corner and decided to scare them, so she jumped out and screamed only to realize her victims were complete strangers) 

Ethan in the waves

Like Father, Like Son. Chillin' on the lake

skim boarding success

Florence at Battery Russel

Grandpa Glenn watching all  the action from above

Grandpa can hula hoop too!

no trip to the beach is complete without story time with Grandpa

I think Kaleb won the battle!

Kaleb and the hula hoop

All the cousins chipping in to bury Kiera in the sand

LaDean and Arya hanging out near the firepit

Luke is all smiles at the lake

Mary taking a break after a tiring game of shark attack with the parachute

Another pregnant attempt at the hula hoop. Nice work Michelle

Michelle watching the kids at the lake. Doesn't she look like she is modeling for a magazine?

Our pocket kites we had got from Grandma Tutu worked well at the beach

Go Ryan!

Michelle, Ryan and Luke

Pretty sunset with the shipwreck

Steven strutting his stuff. Love the facial expressions

This year our reunion had a "super hero" theme so I had these t-shirts made for everyone. They were a big hit and we got lots of complements on them. 

The three amigos. Kiera, Mary, and Tim

these three went on the Tilt-a-whirl last year and looked terrified the entire time but they must have enjoyed it because they wanted to do it again this year. They don't look as scared this time.

Tim and the hula hoop

Grandma's Super Hero Olympics sure were fun. From the looks on his face I think Ryan had fun too. Don't you?

Our summer reunions with the Glenn clan sure are fun. We look forward to the trip every year. Even at 8 months pregnant :)

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