Friday, May 1, 2015

Phantom of the Opera

I told Dan for Mothers day I wanted a surprise date all planned by him. So he did just that. He gave me the date and said to dress up. He kept it a secret really well and I had no idea what we were doing until he told me to give him driving directions to the address as we were on our way there. It was great. I even bought a new necklace for the occasion. This is me all dressed up and ready for my hot date. I even did my hair in a new up-do.

Here I am taking Emma and Ellie to the babysitter's. AKA Ben and Kara's house. Ethan and Kiera were still in school when we left. They ended up coming back to the house so they were there when they got home on the bus. It worked out perfectly. Thanks Ben and Kara!

The play we went to was in the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle. The inside of this building was sooo cool. The pictures don't do it justice. I just kept thinking of how long it must have taken the artists to build this place and the hard work and detail that went into all the walls and ceilings was amazing!

Sorry this picture is so fuzzy. My camera on my phone isn't the greatest, especially in low light. Thanks honey for the great date! I loved it. The play was amazing too!

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