Saturday, May 30, 2015

Random May Happenings

The month of May flew by so fast! I think its a combination of the anticipation of family vacations and the end of the school year when everyone is just DONE! Its so funny how at the beginning of the school year you just can't wait for school to start but by the end you just can't wait for it to be over.
I am looking forward to the school year to end but I am not sure I am ready for the kids to be home all day every day. I sure hope I can find things to keep everyone busy but I also hope we can relax and make the most of it.

Here's a bunch of random happenings for the month that don't necessarily merit their own post
So this is something that is long overdue. I finally got hardware for the kitchen cabinets. Almost 5 years in this house and I finally got rid of the holes in all the cupboards!

Oh Ellie! This little girl is growing so fast! She has gotten more teeth and her little personality is showing more everyday. She lights up any room with her toothy grin and is known in our ward as the happy baby. I love this little girl!

I found a good deal on some fuji apples at our local fruit stand and since we were running low on canned fruit I decided to buy a box and do a little canning.

This summer is turning out to be much drier than previous years. We've hardly had any rain, however with the lack of rain comes the abundance of sunny days and opportunity for family outings. We've been enjoying taking family walks for family nights and even found a new trail. I believe it is call the Iron Horse trail. It used to be a railroad that they've turned into a nice walking trail. We took everyone out for an evening walk and even enjoyed a picnic dinner while we were out. It was very pretty!

Even Ellie had a good time.
 We rented the movie "The Book of Life" from RedBox for family night one night and the kids were enthralled. Just look at those faces!

I think one of my favorite things is this view when we are all out as a family enjoying nature. Summer time is for sure my favorite season here in Washington! 

Just a couple more weeks and the kids will be out of school! Ready or not!

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