Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Last Saturday was our ward's Christmas Party. I did figure out a treat to take to replace my bad fudge and they turned out great. I made peanut butter cups except they were balls. I didn't take a picture but they did turn out. That's all that matters right?

Kiera had lots of fun eating lots of sugar, and clapping and dancing to the music during the talent show. But her favorite part I think was after we all sang 'Santa's Coming to Town' It was her first time seeing the real Santa! She was so excited that she didn't wait for the closing prayer. She followed him right over to his chair and climbed up on his lap. I was very surprised of her reaction and since she was so anxious she got to be the very first one on his lap. Oh and it didn't stop there. She sat on his lap 3 different times! It was so cute and I think Santa felt pretty good too to have such a cutie in love with him.

Ethan had fun too. He was happy sitting on our laps looking around at all that was going on. Here are a couple pictures of him and daddy.

I just love his smile!

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Glenn Family said...

That is so cute about Kiera running up to Santa. I am not sure we will get the same reaction from our kids and Santa this year. They tend to have more fears in that sense. But I guess we will see! What cute pictures!