Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter has arrived

Winter is here in Washington. Well, it has been around for awhile but now it looks and feels like it is supposed to. We got a bit of snow on Saturday night. We'd been expecting it all day but it didn't start sticking until that evening. Dan and I had been working on the kid's rocking horse all day in the garage and didn't realize it had been snowing. But when we did notice we had to take advantage of it. Even if it does get dark at 4:00. We learned from last year that you can't expect the snow to stay for long. I got out the camera and took some pretty pictures of the snow. We've had a couple family members request pictures of our Christmas lights too so this was a good opportunity.

Kiera loved the snow as well. She helped dad build a small snowman too. Actually she just crawled around the yard and batted at the snowballs dad made for her to roll around. This is a picture of her giving the snowman a hug after he was put together. He's wearing daddy's baseball cap.

Ethan didn't play in the snow but he loved being outside with everyone. He was also fascinated with all the lights in the trees. You can see him checking them out in the picture of Dan holding him next to tree by our driveway. Just you wait Ethan. You'll be playing around in the snow with Kiera next year.

Kiera had fun eating the snow. The different colored lights from the trees and bushes made it more exciting for her too. It seemed she had to taste every color. It was so cute! She even shared some with everyone saying "want some too?" Oh what fun to be a kid!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! It's nice to remember the simple pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Brittany, love the blog! This is Megan from chruch! I would let Clayton play in the snow but he doesn't have any snow clothes and I don't want him to get sick because he wasn't warm enough! Plus to tell you the truth, I really don't think that he would play in it!