Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kiera Starts Preschool!

Today was a big day at the Glenn home! Kiera attended her very first day of preschool! She has been talking about it for weeks now and has been sooo excited. I told her last night that tomorrow would be the day. She got the sweetest look of elation I have ever seen and RAN as fast as she could to tell Daddy that she'd be going to preschool in the morning.

This morning I woke her up and the first thing she asked me was if it was time to go to school now. I was so happy to see her excited for this new venture. After a morning bath, some breakfast, getting dressed (without any input from mom AT ALL), and putting on her backpack (which was actually my very first backpack when I went to kindergarten) we were ready to go.

We couldn't leave without some pictures right? Well, Kiera was not going to have it. "I don't want any pictures" she would say. Well, it took a little bit of coaxing, but she finally gave in and let me take some.

And of course I couldn't leave our little man out. This was the start of some good quality one on one time with him and mommy.

We were off! Everyone was in the car and happy. So far so good. And no tears from mommy, well at least not until we turned down the street where preschool was. Just a slight change in my train of thought and BAM.

We pulled up and all of a sudden my happy, anxious little girl was scared nervous, and hesitant. "I don't want to," she said. "I want to go to school" "This is not school." I am pretty sure she was under the impression that we'd be going to the big school just like her cousins Kaleb, and Florence. This being just one of her friends houses wasn't going to cut it.

I took her in and we showed her around the "new" surroundings and helped her find her name badge to stick on the board. I finally just had to let the teacher take her and sneek out. I was told later that it was a very short lived pout and she soon got into it just fine. Whew!

So it was now just me and my little man. We decided to go to the Dollar Tree and Ethan picked out a special car to take home and some ring pops to share with Kiera when she got back. I think he enjoyed the attention but he kept asking where Kiera was. This is all new to him. He is never anywhere without Kiera by his side.

The two hours flew by! Then came time for Kiera's school to get out. "KIERA!" And quick dash, and a big hug ...Do you think they missed each other?

I think we are going to have some fun this year.


Bob Lazenby said...

Way to Go Girl! Your mom loved to go to school too. She was just as excited as you to go to school.
Do you know your ABC's yet? Keep up the good work and you will be like your mother.


Grandpa Lazenby

Mom said...

Wow! Made me cry all over again--just like the day you went with that same backpack. In fact, I think I still have your first outfit here hanging in the closet. I'll have to get it to you for Kiera. Time goes so fast--enjoy every minute. Love the photo of Kiera and Ethan's reunion!

Sheila said...

How sweet that they missed each other THAT much!!!
How are you feeling? Any sickness?

The Mothership said...

so fun! I'm glad she had fun on her first day. It will be great for both of you!