Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Children Are Watching Me

Just wanted to write something down that happened today before I forget.

Today was Sunday and Dan and I went to church early to practice for choir since we were singing in sacrament meeting. We actually got a bench seat! That rarely ever happens.
Anyway the song went well. But what I wanted to remember from today is something that happened while we were sitting in sacrament meeting listening to the speakers. One of the Stake council men spoke President Rumsey I think, and in his talk he mention something about in our next Family Home Evening we should discuss how we can boost our temple attendance. He said we need to go to the temple.

All of a sudden Kiera beamed, looked up from the picture she had been busily coloring, and said, "You go to the temple!" It was so cute and it made me just burst inside. I never know when something is getting in that little head of hers but she IS paying attention. I am so grateful for a husband who does take me to the temple often and that my children can watch that.

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Mom said...

They are constantly watching. A good reminder for all of us to realize that we are influencing the children all around us by the things we say and do.