Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Sunday Tradition

We've started a new tradition here at the Glenn home. Two Sundays ago, church was cancelled due to a broken water pump in the building. There was no running water to have working toilets or drinking fountains. Pretty important with lots of families. So after sacrament meeting we came home. To pass time early in the afternoon, Dad and the kids decided to get out the race car track. We just inherited another set from the neighbor's garage sale (thanks Nicole!) and so we now have lots of track to make many configurations.

Before now this toy rarely saw playtime. It is one of those toys that is just a hassle to set up. It takes so much space, there are lots of pieces, and it's just a pain. But the kids LOVE it! So we decided to make Sunday our track day from now on. So instead of telling the kids you CAN'T do this you CAN'T do that on Sunday and making it a negative experience, this gives them something to look forward to. This past Saturday night we told the kids that the next day was Sunday and we'd be going to church. We then reminded them that after church was over they would be able to play with daddy and the track again.  It made for a very pleasant afternoon. And seeing the kids play with their Dad just makes my heart smile.  I love our new tradition, and hope it will be one they will cherish and talk about later.

Oh and to just keep things real...Did you notice that huge pile of laundry on the couch in the background? Now, now you don't need to scroll back up to look. I know you will though. That was there for an entire week before it was taken upstairs to be put away! Can you say SAD. It's a good thing we have another set of furniture in the front room to sit on. Or maybe its not such a good thing, I haven't decided. It took a whole other week of laundry to be done before I got the motivation to take it all upstairs. Why is that part so hard for me? But now you all know my dirty secret. Just keeping it real.


For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I will admit that the first thing I saw and smiled at was the laundry. HAHAHA! because that has been our livingroom all week too. hahaha! I hoped youmentioned it otherwise I was going to call you out on it. hahaha! love it. Love that you keep it real. I can believe that yours is a mountain with all the projects you do. I on the other hand have no excuse for my mountains of laundry. hehehe!

SparkE said...

What a great tradition!