Monday, September 19, 2011

Ethan Starts Preschool

I got so caught up with Kiera starting Kindergarten that I almost forgot about Ethan. My little buddy started PRESCHOOL last week. He couldn't wait to have his very own "boy school" as he calls it. Although we had to explain that there were girls too. It took a little convincing for him to be alright with the idea.

The first week was my week to teach (I am participating in a preschool co-op where us mom's rotate and take turns teaching each week) so to him it probably just seemed like any other play-date. So when the second week came around  I decided to get some shots of my little preschooler on his first official day away. We couldn't find his batman backpack so we made due with his new lunch box.

He is a happy little kid. And it looks like it is about time for another haircut. But I am glad we got a shot of the true Ethan doo. His hair has ALWAYS done that. It just sticks straight up no matter what.  Ethan is so excited. I am going to have to find something to keep myself busy for the two and a half hours he is gone. Emma and I will hopefully be able to have some quiet time! Can you say NAP TIME! Ok, probably not every time but maybe this will give me the chance to clean house too.

I love you Ethan!

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SparkE said...

He's so cute! Can't wait to get them all next week on my rotation!