Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kiera's Adventures on The Bus. And a Mother's Worst Fears

This past Friday was Kiera's second day of Kindergarten. She was particularly excited for this day because it was the day she got to ride the bus for the first time! She was sooo excited and kept asking me if it was time to go that morning. We were told to be at the bus stop that is at the end of our cul-de-sac by 8:20 and the bus should arrive 5 mins later. So when 8:15 or so came around we put on our shoes and headed out the door.

Ethan and Emma were still sleeping so we got to go just the two of us. That alone was a huge blessing because as we got to the bottom of our driveway we saw our neighbors from across the street already heading back up our way. This WAS NOT good! My heart dropped. I thought I had let my baby down on her special day. My neighbors helped me and told me where the bus would pop out on the other street so we RAN to chase down the bus driver. Kiera's poor little legs must have been blessed with a burst of energy this morning because she ran ad kept up with me the whole block maybe two without stopping or complaining.

We did catch the bus driver and he was so understanding. He was even patient enough to tell Kiera to turn around and give me a smile for the picture I so desperately wanted to capture. I looked through the lens but all I saw was a blur so I just clicked and hoped for the best. As she proudly climbed those silvery steps I knew I was in for it. The flood was a comin'. I plastered on the best smile I could and watched my baby through the window as she gave me an excited grin and wave through the window glass. Another blind camera shot and the blur of yellow passed by me. I couldn't help it any more. I bawled. What is it about the bus? I did fine when I dropped her off at her classroom on the first day. But something about letting her go on that bus pulled at my heart.

With all my sniffles and waterworks on full blast my two neighbors who helped me and made sure we got Kiera to the bus were so sweet and walked me home. I have the best neighbors ever! Thanks ladies.

That day Ethan, Emma and I tried to stay as busy as possible but whenever I was still enough to think about that morning I couldn't hold back the tears. By the time 4:15 rolled around I was still weepy. Pathetic I know. . . but a little cold water and some freshening up I was ready. Ethan again, was asleep for his nap so it was just Emma and I for our short walk to the mailboxes to meet our big Kindergartener.

I passed Emma off to one of the neighbors so I could be there to snap a couple shots of her getting off the bus. The kids started filing out and kid after kid after kid got off and I thought to myself "where is she" more kids....still no Kiera...then the last few and FINALLY! Nope My baby was missing! My heart dropped. Where was my little girl!?

I went up to the bus and told the bus driver that my little girl never got off. This had to be the worst feeling ever. He called transportation to let them know and I was given their number to call and get a status update once they had gotten a hold of the school to see what bus they had put her on.

My mind raced with so many horrific possibilites and the worry that my baby was lost and I could do nothing about it was the most awful feeling I have ever experienced. This was every parents worst nightmare.

Turns out she was put on the wrong bus (which we have since cleared up with the school) and we were able to locate her and she was brought home on a very empty bus.

I was so happy to see that she was none the wiser and had no idea she had been lost. It was a very eventful day and I am so happy I don't have to do it again for another 2 years! Kiera had a wonderful day at school and can't wait to do it again on Monday. Oh and Ethan starts preschool that day too! Fun times.

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Robert Glenn said...

Wow! That was pretty least for Mom! Glad you both survived! I don't kids loved to ride the least until high school. Then it was a whole other matter! Luv to you all,
Mom Shellie