Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kiera's Started Kindergarten!!!!

Today was my babies first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe this day has come. She was so excited though and mommy did awesome too if I say so myself. The real kicker will be on Friday when the real sha-bang happens with the bus. It was only half-day today. So it was an easy drop off at the classroom and a couple hours later I returned to pick her up. I'll admit though that I started to feel the tears coming if I really thought about what was actually happening. This morning we were a bit more rushed than I would have liked but that's life. I did get some pictures and we'll take more on Friday when the bus comes and she leaves my safe arms for the ENTIRE day. Since she was born I have sheltered, protected, and nurtured her, and she is leaving to experience more of life on her own. I just have to remember that it is part of a mothers job to let her.

I love you Kiera and am so excited for you. Did I mention I am terrified too? But I know you'll do awesome and will learn so much and your light will shine ever brighter.

 Kiera and her teacher Ms. Swan


Glenn Family said...

She looks so excited and so adorable. So bittersweet, huh!

Mom said...

She looks so excited!