Sunday, October 30, 2011

Party in Pink

This Past Saturday I had the opportunity to do some more fundraising for my friend Lauren who is in the middle of her fight with breast cancer. This has sort of become what I live and breathe lately.

My own Zumba Party Event for her is coming up next weekend, but this past Saturday I was able to attend another Zumba "Party in Pink" to raise money for the Susan G. Komen association and was allowed to have a booth there to benefit Lauren's cancer fund. It was fun to get away and be a part of the event. I know I have mentioned this before but I am addicted to my Zumba! It is so much fun and there is definitely a sense of family and sisterhood when I am with other zumba fanatics like myself.

Lauren was able to go to the Party in Pink too. She was asked to say a few words about her fight and progress she has made. She is such an amazing woman and I am so honored to be friends with her.
Here are a few shots from the party:

From Left to right: Trevor (Lauren's husband), Lauren, me, and Kristi.

Yes, Emma and I are wearing tutus. I made one for myself that morning and decided if I was going to wear one Emma should too. Don't we look cute? It was a "Party in Pink" after all. Just showing my PINK spirit. We are all wearing our "Lauren's Warriors" or "S.O.S Together we continue Saving Our Sisters" T-shirts that we had made and are selling.

After the event, Lauren, Emma and I went out to get something to eat. It was so much fun to hang out just her and I. Man, I love that girl! Thanks Lauren for an awesome night. None of it would have happened without you.