Thursday, October 27, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect. A Photographer in the Making

I was recently asked if I'd be willing to take some family photos for a friend of mine over the upcoming Thanksgiving break. I am so excited and honored for the opportunity but at the same time I am TERRIFIED! What if something goes wrong with my camera? What if the pictures turn out grainy? What do we do if it rains? How do I know when to quit? Will the family like them? So many things running through my head.

So to ease my mind a little I have been taking the time to read through my camera's manual again to freshen up on some of the cool features, and have also been soaking in some of the things I read on the photography blogs out there. Hopefully I am not doing too much. I don't want to over think this either. I just want to be prepared.

Practice makes perfect and so that is what I have been doing the most of. I have been taking lots of pictures just for the heck of it and have been messing with the settings on my camera to play with the different types of lighting. I am definitely no pro at this, and with all the pictures I have taken there are a good share of bad ones. I just hope that I can take more good ones than bad when the time comes.

Today I took the kids for a ride on the trail in some early evening light. I hear it is a good time to shoot pictures. These are some that I liked.

I will be practicing as much as I can til Thanksgiving arrives. Practice makes perfect. Wish me luck!

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