Monday, July 22, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities

This fourth of July was nice and simple. We didn't travel anywhere and we got to enjoy a little neighborhood block party instead. We  had a cul-de-sac BBQ and had fun watching each others fireworks in our lawn chairs. Nice and simple but the kids loved it and I liked the minimal effort factor. 
We had our friends Ben and Kara May over to go see our local small town parade and then later for some food and fireworks. My mom was also up here for the holiday so we got to share the day celebrating her birthday as well. Her birthday is on the 4th.
Here are some pictures of our festivities...
smoke bombs and pop-its before dark

Emma's hair was very fitting for the holiday. Her pig tails looked like fireworks

Cupcakes for Grandma "tutu" came with some fun star rings. This is a picture of all three kid's hands on top of hers.

getting ready to watch the parade

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The best part about small town parades is the loot they throw out to the crowd! MMMM watermelon salt water taffy.

By the time the parade was over each kid had collected a balloon, a frisbee (or hat) and a pile of candy. All of it was handed out by the parade participants. Love it!

gotta love those bagpipe bands.

Being silly while watching fireworks

"uncle" Ben and Kiera at the firework table. Ben and Dan had fun spooking each other with the power snaps while the other one was lighting the fireworks. It was entertaining to watch the two of them.

some of the neighbors. Left to right: Julia, McKelle, Samantha, and Tyler

Some of the fireworks were a little scary

"Aunt" Kara and Kiera

Oh my that was LOUD!
Kiera having fun with sparklers.

Emma's first sparkler. She thought it was pretty cool

Grandma and Emma went in early and when I came in to check on them this is what I found. 

Happy Fourth of July! And Happy Birthday Grandma "TuTu"

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Tina Crowther said...

WAs it cold? Kiera's wearing a coat and hat! Derek cried for almost all the fireworks- except when the big show finally started, he was ok with those! He kept saying, "They not hurt me?" Looks like a lot of fun though, and I'm glad your mom got to share it with you!