Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Port Townsend Camping Trip

A couple weekends ago (when it was still June) I took the kids on an overnight camping trip in Port Townsend. It is across the water from us so we had to take the ferry. We missed two ferries in a row which wasn't fun we were at the dock almost 4 hours before we actually got on one (I now know that reservations can be made in advance...good to know!). The kids enjoy riding the ferry but this mama thought she was going to be sick once or twice. Remind me never to go on a cruise :)

Since we missed two ferries we decided to kill some time by going to the cafe that was there just next to the ferry docks for some ice cream.

We went camping with my cousin Tim Stone. He and I didn't really grow up together but in the past couple years have gotten together once or twice and have become closer friends. We had a good time and the kids really liked hanging out with his dog "Minkus." I really like hanging out with his dog too! Don't be surprised if you see a post from me in a couple weeks about me getting a dog.

We went to the beach, saw the old WWII forts, and went and got some AMAZING pizza at a local pizza place over there. It was a lot of work for me to pack everything up for just myself and all three kids but it was fun and we made some memories while we were at it.

I didn't get a picture of our campsite since we didn't get in until after dark but the campground was gorgeous! Each campsite was extremely secluded too. Nicely done Tim!

My cousin Tim playing with Emma. (his daughter is about the same age)

Going for a walk around the campground with cousin Tim after breakfast

the view from the campground beach

view from the campground beach looking the other direction
"Minkus" the coolest dog ever

This girl loves spending her time finding treasures and would take every single one home if I let her

Look mommy! Look what I found!
Visiting the bunkers

Ethan Exploring the nooks and crannies

can you tell someone was getting cranky?

Emma looking for a rock to toss into the waves

Back on the Ferry we went up to the sun deck and had someone take our picture.

It sure was windy up there!

Decided to go one level down. Ahhh much better! Not so windy now.
I was good to get home and take a shower. This month has been a busy busy one! We had the 4th of July festivities, a visit from my mom, a trip to Whidbey Island to play at Double Bluff Beach, and this coming Monday the kids and I head to the Oregon Coast to go camping for a week with Dan's family. I Sure wish Dan was coming! I can't wait til his work load lightens up so he can come on our adventures with us again! I am getting burnt out doing them alone. Just a few more weeks til they deliver to Boeing! Just a few more weeks....gotta keep telling myself that.

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