Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan

Ethan's 1st Birthday was on the 15th of this month. I can not believe Ethan is already a year old. I think that was the fastest year I have ever experienced. Even Kiera's first year didn't seem like it went that fast. Maybe that had to deal with the fact that I was still in school. But either way it is hard to believe. We threw a party for him on Monday night it made for a very fun FHE. We invited a few friends over too. Dan thought it was silly to have a party for a one year old but I didn't agree at all. Every member of my family deserves a celebration and turning one is no small feat to me. I went all out and decorated a cake with one of Donald Ducks nephews on it. (I don't know if it was Hewie, Dewy, or Louis)

I bought yellow and blue streamers to go with the Duck theme and Dan was the one who put them up. He did a really good job! The guests walked in and complimented on the streamers, and I told them "thanks, Dan did it." They were impressed and so was I.

We had a total of 19 people in the house.It was fun and it made me feel more at home. I grew up having big parties with lots of people. It is just something Dan is going to have to get used to. Here is are a couple pictures of the people who came to celebrate with us.

What's a party without games? I bought some balloons thinking I would just use them for decoration but at the last minute decided it was time to play a game. I had the men go first. When I told them they were going to be having a race to see who could push their balloon across the room with their noses; some of them complained and said "this wasn't in my invitation!" "You're just teasing right?" When are they going to learn that when you go to a party for a 1 year old you're going to have to play like one too? Here is a picture of the men acting like their childlike selves. It was fun. Us ladies took a turn too and Dan took video of us so I will have to post that later.
Ethan did better than I thought he would at opening presents. For the most part he participated in every gift at least a little bit. Thanks to everyone for their gifts. Ethan enjoys them all and is already sharing them with Kiera. (Not that he had any say in it. She's already claimed most of them already).

I went all out and decorated a cake with one of Donald Ducks nephews on it. (I don't know if it was Hewie, Dewy, or Louis). I did a four layer cake and also make cupcakes to go with. We had plain old vanilla ice cream on the side. (I love plain old vanilla). And you can't have cake without ice cream.

Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you!

CLICK HERE for Singing Happy Birthday Video


Kim said...

You did a great job on the cake! I was very impressed to discover you decorated it yourself! And thanks for having us all over- it was fun to celebrate. And you have to have a big birthday party, no matter what age, but especially turning one! Dale thought the same thing, but then he got over it when I told him it was gonna happen...

Glenn Family said...

The party looked so fun. Why weren't we invited? I was so impressed with the cake too. I told Ryan about it.