Friday, February 27, 2009

Slicing Onions

Have you ever been cutting onions and suddenly your eyes begin to burn and you start to tear up? Of course anyone who cooks has experienced this. Well no more worries...If you feel the tears coming on, set down your knife walk over to your freezer. Open the door and stick your head in with your eyes open. Close the door a little bit behind your head for the best results. The cold from inside instantly freezes the onion out of your eyes. Instant Relief!


Jenny-Jenny said...

sounds like something I should try. But shouldn't there be something easier like partially freezing the onion or something>?

Kim said...

I've heard that if you slice the onions under your oven vent(with it on, obvs), it takes the fumes right away! No tears! I don't tear up when I cut onions, but I know it's a common plague!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Freezing an onion part way would take too long. I just want to take the onion out and go to work. I would cut my onion under the oven vent but I usually have hot burners going anyways so that space is already taken up. But really the freezer thing works!