Friday, February 27, 2009

A Fun Day Outside

One thing we've learned is to take advantage of the sunshine while it is out. Today was one of those days. I ignored the housework and took the kids out to enjoy time in the backyard. The kids and I had a lot of fun and I was out there with the camera taking lots and lots of pictures.
These pictures are in a backwards order, so the ones at the bottom of the page came first but oh well...they are close enough.

I loved this picture. Ethan and I came in early since we were getting cold, but Kiera stayed outside and collected rocks to put in her truck. Ethan went up to the back door and watched while Kiera came up and played with him through the glass.


Kiera loves being outside and she knows exactly what toys to take with her. She has had this rainbow ball since we were students at BYU-Idaho and she was just learning to sit up. It has been the best .98 cents I have spent!

Ethan has been paying closer and closer attention to his surroundings and is constantly exploring. Today while we were outside, he watched the pigeons flying around our subdivision. He was so excited. I was so happy when I caught a shot of him looking up and pointing at them flying overhead.

Ethan is so close to walking! I am just waiting for the moment when he takes off. He loved pushing the Flintstones car around on the back patio.

Boys will be boys. And it didn't take long at all before he put the rocks in his mouth either.

Oh he is sooo cute!

It is almost time to get a new swing. Kiera is too long for this one. Once she is in it though, she is there to stay for push, after push, after push.

Kiera took on the job of pushing Ethan in the swing. It was fun to watch them. Ethan would laugh and giggle every time Kiera touched the swing for another push.

I am so thankful for the good weather when it is here. The sunshine makes me happy.


Jenny-Jenny said...

cute kids and love the new background

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

Such cute kids!!! I am so jealous you have sun and am hoping we will see it again real soon!!!