Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Trunk or Treat/Carnival

Our church does a Trunk or Treat every year, where we have a little mini party/carnival at the church and then end the night with trick or treating out of the backs of everyone's car trunk in the parking lot. It's a lot of fun, however this year they decided to move the trunk or treat part inside the building and parade the kids from classroom to classroom to do their trick or treating. I personally would have preferred doing it outside like usual since the weather was nice and I think it would have been sooo much less clean-up too. But either way the kids had fun and that's what is important.

Dan is the scoutmaster in our ward and his group was in charge of one of the games. They put together a grave yard scene and built catapults to launch plastic bones and skulls into their graves and such. They did a good job and the kids loved it. For launching the bones the kids each got candy as a prize.
*I do have to insert my two bits though and say that having a scoutmaster as a husband means there is never a shortage of "favors" or projects that I get asked to help on. So that said, the black painted catapult and the gravestone scenery included some of my handywork too. I didn't build the catapult but I helped. And I drew all the gravestones and such on the front panels... just so you all know... :)

And here are some more pictures from the night...

I went dressed as a witch, but never got a picture taken. I'll have to do that this weekend. As for Dan's costume...well lets just say that I never got around to making it, so he lucked out and wore an orange t-shirt that said "this is my costume." Lame I know but what can you do? It has been so busy!

If you look back you'll notice Kiera's "Tinkerbell" costume wasn't quite up to par either. I didn't have the chance to put her hair up or change her shirt underneath to something more fairy like. In fact, I had to dress the kids in the parking lot because we had just came from Sears where I was trying to purchase appliances for our new house. It was a crazy crazy day!

Our carved pumpkins coming soon....


janet wilcox said...

thanks for the ward party pics. I wish I could have seen the graveyard catapult game. Such a cute idea.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Little Buzz was in our house too! Aren't they adorable!