Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Saturday Craft

Today was the start of conference weekend. I just love conference weekends! There were so many great talks given and I think my favorite was Elder Uchtdorf's talk.

After the second session and some baking the kids and I decided to do a little craft. I just printed off a pumpkin coloring page off the internet, let the kids color them, cut them out and then taped them to a popsicle stick and made puppets. It was REALLY easy, but the kids LOVED it.

Tomorrow is scone Sunday! Can't wait! And then the afternoon I'll be canning applesauce while listening to conference. I just love conference weekend! To watch tomorrows sessions of conference go HERE.


Glenn Family said...

Wow-what artsy little kids you have. Seriously-cute pumpkins!

Mom said...

They are growing up so fast! Kiera's face is changing shape and she looks so grown up (and beautiful like her mommy).