Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take What We Can

The Sun was out again yesterday! It is gone today but it was WONDERFUL while it lasted. I was inside tending to Emma when I looked out the window and saw this...

 Oh to bask in the sunshine! The kids had no idea I was taking pictures of them. I did it all from my dining room window. But once they decided to go lay down in the empty kiddie pool (which is totally dead now) they caught me. Kiera couldn't help but flash a smile.

Also yesterday was so nice that I put the second coat of paint on the desk I am working on. Now to the details! 

Oh and before I forget here's a picture of the garden boxes so far. I hope to have the dirt in them this weekend, but we still need to turn them the other direction and level them into place.

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The Mothership said...

we love the sunshine too! I hate that it is teasing us, though. Your raised garden boxes look awesome! Good luck hauling in the dirt; it's definitely a workout. :)