Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter dress success!

Whew! I finished Kiera's Easter dress just in time. I was able to finish it this afternoon while the kids were playing and watching the Lion King movie. It turned out very nice. I used the same pattern as the Christmas dress I made last year and just made the skirt a tad bit longer. Kiera loves it and says that "it is bootiful!" My favorite part of the dress is the little bows I made for the sleeves. I wanted to make it look somewhat different from her other one. These pictures aren't the best of quality, but I hope to get some Easter pictures taken of all of us tomorrow.
Maybe the next time I take up a sewing project I will make a tutorial of it. But I think dress making is a little too extensive for my first tutorial attempt.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Hey look, it's an easter princess!

Charla Ann said...

So Cute! I need to learn to sew with my it can be put to great this beautiful dress. :)

Kim said...

I thought the dress looked great- and I do LOVE the little bows on the sleeves. Plus, different fabric, it's totally different looking! Good job.