Friday, April 24, 2009

Making Memories

So today started off really well. I got a couple extra hours of sleep and woke up at the same time as the kids. We ate breakfast and then got dressed to go play outside. The weather was absolutely wondermous. While the kids were playing outside I decided to get a handle on some of the weeds in the yard. Weeding is such a chore and can be so messy, but at the same time there is something so fulfilling about seeing four or five 5 gallon buckets worth of weeds disappear!

Today Kiera discovered the joys of finding "snakes" and the little "yikes" in the dirt. They were actually worms and beetles, but I like their new names better. Kiera is so smart and she makes me laugh by the things she says. Worms do look like snakes so that must be what they're called right? And she calls the beetles "yikes" because that is the first thing she heard them referred to when I saw one in the dirt where I was working.

When Kiera got tired of playing in the dirt with mommy she went over and was peeking through the holes in the fence. She heard and saw our neighbor kids playing in their yard and suddenly came running up to me with a huge smile on her face. "Mommy I want to play with the kids?" Was she asking me if she wanted to? No, she was asking permission to go. It was soo cute and I couldn't say no to that face. She had sooo much fun over there and when I went over to get her for lunch I made the mistake of asking a question instead of making a statement. I said, "Kiera are you ready to come home for lunch?" She said, "No, I'm playing" Of course not mommy! What kind of question is that? She finally agreed to go after we promised her that she could come play another time. I can't believe my baby is old enough to actually go play with the neighbor kids without me. They change so quickly. I look forward to this summer and spending time making memories with my little ones.

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Unknown said...

ENJOY all these little sweet moments before you know it they will be grown. Love the story of the "snakes" and "yikes"