Monday, October 26, 2009

3 down, and more to go

I finished my most recent Christmas gift. I just love checking things off the list don't you? I gave you a sneek peek of my progress a little bit ago and you probably could have guessed what it was supposed to be. Yep, a quilt. I haven't attempted making a real quilt since I was about 10. Sure I've made fleece blankets and stuff like that, but not a quilt with a quilt top that was pieced together.

I am very happy with how it turned out and am so excited to give it away. Too bad I have to wait two more months. Sigh... So for those of you who can't wait to see it done either here it is. Again, I am not too worried for the reciever of this gift to see it since she isn't due to arrive until the beginning of November anyway.

I started out with 6" squares of each color then cut those in half to make triangles. So in the end I had 24 triangles of each color. Then I played around with the pattern on my living room floor by laying them out and decided on this one. Then it was just a matter of sewing them together row by row and keeping the pattern straight as I went. I rummaged through my fabric bin and found the chocolate brown fabric with pink flowers and used that as my quilt back. I sandwiched my quilt batting between the two quilt layers, pinned, and machine quilted around the squares (starting at the center and working my way out to prevent puckering). Then I trimmed the quilt back and batting to about 1.5" larger than my quilt top and rolled it over to the front to make my binding. Finally I zigzag stitched around the quilt border and was done.

Now on to the next project...

By the way... She arrived early! I found out that she was born a few days before Halloween. 


Kim said...

Good job! I soooo miss crafting... Keep up the great work, so I can see and dream about going into my craft room soon!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! way to go! it looks great!!