Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Pictures

I finally got around to taking some family pictures. Woo hooo! I have wanted to get these done for a looooong time now and yesterday was a good opportunity to just that. We originally had planned on going to the pumpkin patch that night, however the rain said otherwise. I had already dressed the kids and myself in matching outfits that day since my original plan was to take fall pictures with the pumpkins. Oh well, you work with what you've got.

So instead, I turned one of our living room couches around and draped a blue blanket down the back and made a photo backdrop. I took the lampshades off our two table lamps to get some bright lighting (it was already getting dark outside so going into the front yard for lighting was not longer an option). I then set up the tripod and set the 10 sec timer on the camera and wha la. I was able to get at least one decent family picture and learned quite a bit from the experience.

Next time the lamps will be more in front of us instead of to the side. And the kids will have just been fed to avoid the crankiness. Also the backdrop next time will be quite a bit taller so Dan can sit up. And the settings will be checked more often. Some of the pictures turned out really grainy. I think the setting got flipped at one point. Oh well, things to learn from.



Sheila said...

What a cool idea! YOU GO GIRL!!

Jane said...

I love these pictures. You all look like you are having fun. Hard to believe those cuties were cranky! LOL Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today.