Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alumni Choir Reunion

This past weekend Dan and I had the opportunity to attend BYU-Idaho's Alumni Choir Reunion. Dan and I were both members of the Men's and Women's choirs there, and were excited for the chance to be part of them again. Being in the choirs at BYU-I was one of our favorite memories of going to school.

We drove to Boise first and dropped the kids off at my mom's for the weekend, picked up my brother (who had recently gotten home from his mission in Florida 3 weeks earlier), and then drove the rest of the way to good ol' Rexburg. I didn't realize till we drove up at how much I really missed this place. It felt like home again.

We stayed at Dan's cousin's new house. It was a lot of fun to see Linda again and we loved spending some time with her. We played a game called Wackee Six. It was really fun! Especially since we were so tired and loopy. We laughed so hard. That night was also one of the best nights of sleep! It felt sooo good to lay down. Driving for 12 hours is NOT something I recommend to anyone. 

On Saturday we spent the day at choir practice. And then later at 2:00 in the afternoon we sang in the Alumni concert. It was soo fun to be in the choir again, even if it was just for one night. Then we were spoiled with an Alumni banquet in the newly remodeled Manwaring Center. We couldn't believe how much it had changed in the 3 years we've been gone. This is a picture of the sunset I took as we were leaving the Banquet.

Man I miss this place!

That night after the banquet and visiting with old friends, Dan and I were able to attend the Rexburg Temple. It was sooo beautiful. The Rexburg Temple was still the the process of being built when we graduated, so it was exciting to have the chance to finally see it finished. I took some pictures from the outside while we were there and love how this one turned out! I think I might try painting it one of these days.

Isn't it gorgeous!

We had a very nice trip and are very glad we went. I am sure we'll do it again when they have the next reunion in 5-10 years down the road.

Thanks Mom for watching the kids for us! I know they had a lot of fun too.


Jenny-Jenny said...

It can't be helped... you just gotta love Rexburg!

Glenn Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. That picture of the temple is beautiful too!

Mom said...

I LOVED watching the children. We had so much fun! We definitely need to get together more often. They change so quickly. Can't wait until Christmas.