Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playing in The Dirt

Lately my blog posts have been a little less on the crafty side and more on the work and chores side but at the same time they're something that I enjoy. Yesterday Dan spent his lunch hour at the topsoil and gravel place where he loaded up 1 yard of composted soil to fill our garden box up with. Our garden box has lost a lot of dirt over time and was only about half way full. The seedlings in the kitchen had become extremely tall and were touching the light, so it was time to get them in the ground.

Dan also had a lucky find at work. In the company junk/trash pile was a piece of a crate that was perfect for a raised garden box. We just drilled some holes all over the bottom for drainage and set it next to our existing garden box in the back yard. We are pretty limited on space in the back yard and since we are renting we can't really make any drastic changes to the yard.

The kids really had fun digging and raking the new dirt over and over again. By the time we finished it was definitely time for a bath. I planted pretty much all of the seedlings including the tomatoes (I really hope I don't end up killing them by putting them into shock). I didn't acclimatize them like I should have. My MIL suggested I cover them with something for awhile so the change isn't so harsh on them. Lets hope it works! If I end up buying new plants you'll know what happen.

Got to love family bonding time and what better way then playing in the dirt!


Jenny-Jenny said...

Looks like fun! I love playing in the dirt.

Mom said...

good for you! Now you have twice as much room to grow yummy treats!