Friday, May 14, 2010

Staycation in Seattle Part #2

Ok here's another post on our Seattle trip. I better get these posts done before I start forgetting the details. So Thursday night was the Mariners game. After we got back to the hotel I was able to relax and warm back up in the hot tub. Man! if we had one of our own I am sure I'd be in it all the time!

Friday morning we woke up and went out to look for a place to eat breakfast. We found a little corner bakery and it smelled so good we decided to go in. We ended up getting some amazing sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches on Ciabatta bread. MickeyD's doesn't even compare! We also got a yummy crumbly cranberry scone. It was a lot of carbs but sooo worth it. I think I walked them all off that day anyway.

For this trip I forgot my tennis shoes! It was not good and my feet and legs were killing me.
We decided that It'd be smart to go and buy some (lucky me huh!) Wish I could say I planned it that way.

We went to Ross and I bought some oasis brand shoes. They seemed comfortable enough and were $35.00. Sadly though by the end of the day I realized they weren't going to work. The arch in them was too far back and hit me and put pressure in the heel. Needless to say I took them back and went to Nike Town and got some much better ones the next morning. The price tag was quite a bit more too but my feet thank me now. I have never spent that much on shoes in my life! They better last.

So Saturday afternoon we spent a lot of time walking and looking around. We made our way over to the Underground Tour and bought our tickets for the next available tour. It was a lot of fun. But I will say that I don't think it would have been nearly as fun if it weren't for our tour guide Gael Zane. I am so glad we ended up with her. She was hilarious! Sometimes I couldn't tell if parts of the history lesson were true or not, but I don't care. She did a great job and I learned quite a bit.
Here are some pictures I took while on the tour...

Meet Gael
She's was the best! If you ever go try to get her as your guide.

Underground toilet. Don't worry they don't work anymore at least I'd hope not. Especially when they don't have proper sprinkler valves.
See somthing missing? There's no "L"
 And this is a picture of Seattle's original water system. It's wood! 
Ok one more shout out to our tour guide Gael!

After the tour we made our way down to the Space needle. We didn't go up but I thought the picture I took was pretty cool.
Right across the street from the needle was our next destination. The Ride the Duck tours. It was fun but was I sort of wish we had done that before the underground tour. It was sort of a let down after our experience with Gael. The Ride the Duck tours is in a military vehicle on land and on the water. You get a tour of the city on land and then you drive right into the water for another tour. The weather was perfect! I wish I had gotten some more pictures of our guide "Captain Clam Chowder" He had a hat for everything. I only got a picture of the one he used while in the water.

Here are a couple more shots I took on the tour and one that another couple was willing to take of the two of us.
Seattle is full of Art. Even on the streets. I loved it. I didn't get to go this time but hopefully one day I'll go to the Seattle Art Museum

Dan and I think we found our dream home. Mom what do you think? Just kidding.

The weather was amazing! I could actually say that I love the clouds. They weren't gray! Just white, fluffy, and gorgeous! Cotton candy anyone?

Piggy Taco Truck. Didn't eat there but I wish I could have seen what they had. We had already eaten at a little Mexican restaurant earlier anyway.

This is a view of a park from the water. I thought the coal building looked cool.

After the Ducks we took the monorail for $2.00 per person back to the mall near the hotel. It was great! It would have been a long walk back and the hot tub was calling my name already.

After resting a bit it was time to go go go again. We went and got a sandwich at a little deli and then headed to the paramount theatre for A Tribute to the Beatles concert by RAIN. It was awesome. And it was my first ever "real" concert.  Hard to believe I know...

And guess who we saw as we were leaving.?  It was our favorite tour guide Gael!

The concert was the last thing we had planned for the night, but it wasn't over yet. On our way back to the hotel we saw this little man.
I just had to get a picture with him! He was too fun!

Stay tuned for our adventures during our last day...

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Glenn Family said...

Wow, I will have to hear more about your amazing tour guide Gael. The greatest part was when you saw her at the concert. You and Dan, as well as Gale must be truly cultured people or it's a REALLY small world! so, I have never heard of Rain, maybe I am out of touch though. You will have to tell me about it.