Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scout Neckerchief Slide

Saturday was a fun day. Lots of little projects around the house that needed fixing got done. One of those projects was just for fun but I really enjoyed how it turned out.

For those of you don't know, my husband is the scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts in our ward at church. He has been doing this since January of 2008. His job has become a love/hate relationship with me. I love watching him become giddy and excited over doing outdoorsy things, I love seeing him work with the youth and what woman doesn't love a man in uniform? :) But I hate the time it takes from other things. He's gone a lot! But I guess it comes as a package deal. But enough of that.

The project I worked on this weekend was a Neckerchief Slide that Dan carved at scout camp last summer. I touched it up and re-carved some spots to give it more depth. But for the most part it looks like the same little dude. Then I painted it! Surprise surprise! I love it! It reminds me of a totem pole carving with a little spunk. My favorite parts are the tongue and the hair. I sprayed it all with some acrylic sealer and the hair is a black feather from a package of craft feathers I had in my stash. I hot glued it on the back and then went over it with modge podge so it won't peel off with all the sliding on and off the neckerchief. What do you think?


Sheila said...

LOL! I LOVE your little guy - that is adorable!!!
My son is a boy scout (5 years, going on 6 years) and I am SO thankful for men like your husband! Without his scout leaders....I'm honestly not sure where he would be in life!

Glenn Family said...

Too funny. You and Dan make a good team. :)