Monday, May 17, 2010

Right Before my Eyes

Time has flown by! Wasn't it yesterday I was pregnant for the first time, still in college, absolutely no money, yet extremely happy. I am still extremely happy but now that happiness has multiplied. I now have two little miracles running around. It was also just yesterday they were saying their first words and learning how to walk. Now they are running, climbing, carrying on conversations and doing what big kids do.

This past weekend my baby girl got her first two wheeler! (training wheels included of course). She was so excited to have a big girl bike! She spent all Saturday evening riding up and down our little street without any help at all! I can't believe it! I couldn't help but stare and try to drink it all in. She looked so beautiful! So happy! So me! I love my little girl and love these little moments that make being a mom incredible!


Grandma Tutu said...

Go Kiera!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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Bob Lazenby said...

I am so happy that Keria is riding her bike. I love the picture of her hands across the handlebars. She looks so relaxed and I love her smile.
Maybe we can ride bikes together when I visit in June.