Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day everyone! I hope you all did something special for the men in your life. Whether it be a simple phone call, breakfast, a night out, or just a card. Ours was pretty laid back but we enjoyed it. We spent the morning at church and then came home for lunch. Not too much out of our normal schedule. Although Kiera made a mug for her daddy in Sunbeams during Sunday school. I thought is was very cool.

For lunch we just had leftovers from the weekend (I know what a slacker I am) but I don't usually cook a whole lot on Sunday's either. Then we pulled out the gifts.

Kiera and Ethan both made book marks for their dad that looked like little aliens. But being the space cadet that I am... I forgot to write the message inside the card that Kiera made to go along with them. It was supposed to say "Dad you are out of this world!" The bookmarks are made out of foam sheets, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. I got the idea from Make and Takes Craft. Food. Fun. HERE.

The other gift we made was a t-shirt that said "Our Dad deserves a pat on the back" in hot pink. Then on the back side of the shirt were the kids' and my hand prints in neon green. I got the idea from Mandy at Sugar Bee see her post here. I don't have an embroidery machine like she does, so I used some vinyl lettering as a stencil and used fabric paint instead. It took longer to dry than I had hoped. But then again I am not all that patient when I am excited for the outcome. It turned out way cute though! I almost ruined it trying to rush the process along. When it was done I had to keep reminding Kiera to not give away the surprise. She about told him a couple of times. These aren't the best pictures since they were taken at 10:00 at night but hopefully later I'll get some with Dad in it.

So Overall it was a success I think. Dad also got a special note from me which has become a tradition in our family. You know the kind you used to give to you honey before you were married to whoo and win them over. I love those kind. Sorry I won't be sharing that with you here. However I would like to post (solely for my personal journaling purposes) a letter I got from my dad. Things have been rough in that department of my life for a couple years now and it really meant a lot to me. Please don't feel obligated to read it. I put it on here only for myself so that I can have it when at the end of the year I have my blog turned into a hardbound book for the "Glenn Family Yearbook." 

It reads:

I have some time on this Father’s day, so I decided to write you all a letter of appreciation.  This letter is written to you as I wait for my last day of being on this training trip.  

As I look back at each of your births, I come to realize that I was not ever prepared for your addition to Our Family.  I remember being scared: First I always felt that I was never financially ready to start a family, let alone add to the family. Besides I now recall that it was never the “right time” to have a child, but now, I am so grateful that each of my children was born at the time that they were.  I’m happy that I was blessed to become the father of each of you.
I look at the times we went on vacations and outings and fun we had. I reflect on the times we had the opportunity to travel as a family and visit the places we did.  I love the memories of the learning experiences we had along the way.  Not only did you learn something you needed to, but I did also.  Going to a museum, Water Park, or even a marker along the highway, we all learned together.  I love that each of my children loves to learn and grow.  You each have been blessed to with the ability comprehend and retain the information that you have been taught.  I’m very happy that you continue to learn and pursue a higher education. You put a high priority on getting a degree and that makes me very happy.

I look at each of you individually and see young adults that are responsible and have high moral standards that you live your lives by.  You each have committed yourselves to keeping close to the Savior and his teachings. You show your love to Him by serving your fellow brothers and sisters to make their lives more enjoyable. These traits I do admire in each of you.

No I am so happy that I am a father to each of you. I am so blessed that you joined me in this life of trials and experiences; that are meant to teach each of us lessons of love and understanding. I had the opportunity to go to Portland today and walk around a park and do some people watching. I noticed that there were people from different countries, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religious beliefs and gender orientation. I looked at each of the people and tried to make no judgment of them and looked at them as individual children of a Father in Heaven, who loves each of them. He is pleased of each of his children love Him and that they are his children. He loves them without conditions as we seem to see we do to each other. He realizes us all make choices that may bring unpleasant consequences, but they are ways that we all learn, by experience.
Yes, I have made some choices that I wish I had not and I have had to live by the consequences of those choices.  But the one choice that I am so glad that I made is that I have you as my children. I love you each, very much. I have tried to keep my problems to myself and have not shared with you the hard times that I have been going through lately because I do not want to burden you with them. I have made some progress toward solving these issues, with the help of some dear friends and Our Heavenly Father.  I hope you all understand that I LOVE you each, unconditionally and that I want you all to be happy in this life.

Yes, it is very pleasant to look back on this Fathers Day and reflect upon being a father to such wonderful children that you are. It pleases me that you are my children and I love to brag about all of the experiences that you have had that have been shared with me. I love to receive communication, in an email, Facebook post, or even a phone call of what is going on in your lives. So please communicate with me and I will make sure to contact you back.

I hope you will be blessed with the same like experiences, to have children so you can be a parent of such wonderful children as I was blessed with. I know Brittany can attest, her heat has grown and will continue to grow, as she raises her children. May God bless you in your future, and for being my children? I believe He will.

With sincere love, 


Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day!

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