Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Your Typical Rainy Day!

Today has been a real big downer! I mean a REALLY BIG one. Down Pour that is...I know I know that was really cheezy. The rain WILL NOT STOP! I called my husband at work today and said, "Ok Dan, I am definitely ready to go back to Idaho now." It was pouring SOOO hard it reminded me of summer storms in Florida where we had to stop our car in the middle of the road and wait for the storm to pass because the wipers couldn't even keep up.  I went out to empty water off of the plastic that's covering my garden multiple times and finally propped a lawn chair underneath so it could run off easier.

When Dan got home he asked me if I had seen the mailbox yet. I thought it was a strange way of asking me if I had checked the mail. But no, what he meant was had I see the water in the road over there. I took my umbrella (because it was STILL pouring) and went to go and see. I am glad I took my camera because it was amazing!

So yeah does anyone want to come swimming? Just had our neighborhood pool installed. Hopefully it doesn't last long. It is in a horrible location.

This is the water in the MIDDLE of the street! It was probably 6-8 inches deep.
Notice the water is level with the sidewalk. That' just not right.

This is the sidewalk that wraps around the corner. You can see the stop sign post in the upper right corner.

 You can get to our house from 2 directions. The other option didn't look much better. 

Lovely weather...for ducks at least.

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Rambling Housewife said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the rain. I lived in Boise 7 yrs and moved to Oregon. It felt like in Oregon it was never going to stop and that's why we just left and moved to the Deep South (Louisiana). The rain storms here do resemble your pictures, although it usually rains an inch in an hour and stops, not all dang day!! Our next adventure, Hurricane season!!

Just stopping by from New Friend Friday!!