Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cherishing The Sweet Moments of Parenthood

I just wanted to take a few moments to write down some things about my children that I cherish and hold dear. I want to remember the sweet moments I get with them so that when the not so fun mommy moments come around I can know that "this too shall pass" and the sweet things that make being a mom worth every moment are just around the corner.

At the beginning of the month my mom came up for a visit so that Dan and I could have an extended night out. It was a lot of fun and I wish her stay could have been longer. It is hard being so far away from my family.

Anyway, when I picked my mom up from the airport we had a 45 or so minute drive back home and I had both Ethan and Emma with me (Kiera was at school). We picked her up and went out for some breakfast. When it was time to get back in the car Emma was not happy. She was still very hungry. Being a horrible mother I forgot to bring baby snacks or her bottle. What was I thinking? So on and on we trudged with Emma's sad crying. Just when I almost couldn't handle it anymore I heard Ethan's little voice in the back. It took me a minute to really hear what he was saying over Emma's crying but once I understood I couldn't help but let the tears flow.

My sweet little boy took it upon himself to calm his baby sister down and started to sing to her. He sang the words over and over until Emma's crying stopped and she was fast asleep.
Here are the words he sang. There were a few more lines but I can't quite remember what they were.

I love you, I love you
I want to do something for you
I love you, I love you
I want to do something for you
I love you, I give you my toy
I love you I love you
I going to do something for you
I love you I love you I love yoooou.

It was the sweetest thing ever and it made this mommy's heart smile.

Last night was one of those sweet moments too. We went out as a family to look at Christmas lights and on the way back home Daddy stopped at McDonalds to treat everyone to an ice cream cone. I asked the kids, "what do you say?" and they continued to reply with the usual, "thank you" but then Kiera added a "You are the best parents ever!"  Ethan then tried to one-up his sister with, "Mommy you are so pretty." It was totally out of the blue but so sweet. After that Kiera and Ethan continued to compliment everyone in the car including Emma. It was so cute. Maybe we should go out for ice cream more often!


Anonymous said...

love these moments. Good work documenting!


Mom said...

Thanks for being such awesome parents. It warms my heart to see you carrying on traditions that were so important in your early years too.