Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Is Ever Near

It still hasn't snowed over here but I am thinking snow it is just around the corner. It has gotten much colder and it is time to break out the hats gloves and scarves. With that said, Emma is now sporting her new winter boots that I picked up the other day. They are so cute! I really like them because the sole of the boot has a see-through window so I can see how far her tootsies are reaching. There is a "perfect fit" line and a "room to grow" line. I like knowing that I am not cramming her little feet into something too small. But what I love most is how darn adorable she looks!
Oh and don't you love her hat? It came from Peru. My little sister brought it back as a souvenir from a trip she took there for school.

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Sarah Wroblewski said...

where did you find those boots? cute. What size are her feet. Syd's feet aren't growing. They are still fitting into her baby baby shoes.