Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Grinch Licked My Candy Cane!

"The Grinch Licked our Candy Canes and my teacher told us to take it home and clean it," Kiera exclaimed when she got off the bus this last week. She'd had her Christmas party at school that day and was so excited to share everything she did as we walked home from the bus stop. 

We walked in the door and did the usual. "hang up your coat, and make sure your shoes get put ON the shelf," I reminded her. She asked if she could eat her candy cane that she had gotten from school. "Sure," I said. (I decided to be nice and not ruin the excitement quite yet). I then went on with my usual motherly duties of tending to the baby, and cleaning up the table etc. Kiera ran to the bathroom. "She must have really needed to go," I thought.

The candy cane she got from school was green and had a little note attached to it with a picture of the grinch on it. It said, 
 "When the Grinch discovered there was no way to keep Christmas from coming on Christmas Day he devised a new plan. Though not quite as mean he licked all the candy canes til he turned them all GREEN!"
"Very cute, but why is Kiera taking so long in the bathroom, and why is the water still running?" I thought.

Turns out she had taken her candy cane in the bathroom and was literally washing it in the sink. It was too cute to handle! It was a sticky mess and she was not to touch ANYTHING until her candy cane was gone.  But hey at least it was clean!
Kids are so funny and they take things so literally. When her teacher said to take it home and clean it, Kiera listened!

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