Friday, March 23, 2012

Bunny Mask

Ethan was really bummed that Kiera got to go to school today and not him. Preschool was cancelled all this week so he was feeling a little left out. So to make him feel better we did our own craft time. We made a bunny mask out of a paper plate and some construction paper.

What you need:
-A paper plate
-pink construction paper
-glue stick
-cotton balls
-yarn or thick elastic thread
-a hole punch (or in my case a staple remover)
-Optional: pipe cleaners for some fun whiskers

Cut out some bunny ears from some pink construction paper and glue on some cotton balls that have been torn in half. Then hold up the plate to your childs face to see where the eyes and nose should be. Cut out the nose and eye holes. Next draw the rest of your bunnies face. Hold punch a couple holes on the sides for your string to go through and size and tie on to your childs head. And wha la! A cute little bunny. Now watch him jump around like a little bunny rabbit and feed him a carrot snack. 

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Mom said...

The memories you're making now will sustain you in the years ahead. Thanks for being such an awesome mom!