Thursday, March 22, 2012


 I am so excited the cake turned out just as I had hoped! It is a two layer sheet cake. The bottom layer is chocolate and the top layer is vanilla with chocolate marbled into it. The frosting is a buttercream with a hint of mint. It smells delish! All the decorations are out of marshmallow fondant except for the "pills" that are M&M's. Can't wait to show the guest of honor!
 Here are some close ups of the fondant decorations.

Now the trick will be to keep little fingers out of it until the party this weekend.


Glenn Family said...

Brittany-It looks absolutely amazing! I especially like the heart (monitoring) around the side. So cute!

Mom said...

Didn't even notice the heart monitor design until now. Talk about attention to detail! So cute! She's gonna love it.

Patty said...

This looks like something from the Cake Boss show. Very nice. I love the thermometer. Your nurse will love it!