Friday, March 16, 2012

Kiera's Easter Dress

Last night was a little rough for me. So to get my mind off of things I decided to hang out in my craft room and make something.  So, on a whim I made Kiera an Easter dress. I had been thinking about the possibility of making one but was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen this year. But after staying up til midnight and working on it for an hour this afternoon It is done! Mind you it would have gone a lot faster if my model wasn't asleep and I could try things on her and check to see if they fit. I had to pick out stitches today and change a few things after I had her try it on.

I got the instructions on how to make it from the blog Make It And Love It under her tutorials section. It was pretty easy and didn't cost me a thing since I just used what I had. And the best part is that she loves it too.

After making the dress Ethan asked me if I would make him a Spider Man one. Not sure exactly what he wants but I will probably end up making him a tie or something so he doesn't feel left out.

Here's the dress...

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Sheila said...

That is so stinking adorable! Great job!!!