Saturday, July 7, 2012

Boise Trip and The Alps Candy Store

On our way to Boise last week we made our 1st stop at one of our favorite candy shops, The Alps. It is located just out of Leavenworth, WA on HWY 2. And if you've never been and are ever passing through there you really should stop. It has become our family tradition. I always get my old fashioned sanded lemon drops, the kids pick out their giant lollipops, and Dan always gets something with chocoalte. This year he got milk chocolate seafoam. We love the prices and they have awesome candy. You should see their line up of fudges in all sorts of flavors and they make it there too! We love stopping at The Alps. We don't just do it for the smiles mind you, we also do it for our sanity. It is amazing how long one of those suckers can keep a kid happy and pleasant in the car!
Ok ok, I guess we do do it for the smiles too.

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