Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Boise Trip Post Milestones

During our Boise trip we reached two big milestones. Unfortunately I only had my camera phone to capture these moments, but at least I have something to document them. The first one was Emma finally taking to the water after dreading it for practically the entire trip. Here are a couple photos of her and I in the pool near my mom's house.

The second milestone was that Kiera, my sweet little girl lost her first tooth! She had ran into one of the neighbors while playing the week before and had knocked it loose. Dan was hoping her gums would tighten back up but there was no going back. The tooth was going to go. She ended up loosing it at grandma's so we had to call the tooth fairy to let her know she needed to make a special trip out of town to pick up Kiera's tooth. She didn't seem to mind though, and she left quite the surprise in exchange for this first tooth. Just check it out!

Since our trip, the tooth next to the one she lost has become loose as well. Kiera was pointing it out to me the other day. Hopefully we'll be home for that one so the tooth fairy doesn't have to make another special trip. We are going to be out of town quite a bit the next few weeks for some camping adventures and a trip to the Oregon coast. Can't wait!

And last but not least I wanted to share the view we found on our way home. Kiera had been asking to stop at a waterfall (a girl after my own heart!) And we found one! It is called Deception Falls. I don't know the history of it at all. We didn't stop for very long since we were pretty anxious to get home and didn't read any of the trail signs but it was beautiful! Waterfalls are the one thing that can bring me to tears just by standing and looking at them. Here are some of the shots I took.

It was a good family vacation and I am glad we went. It takes a lot of planning and can be tough driving for long periods at a time with little ones but the memories we make in the process are so worth it.

We are off to another adventure in a couple weeks for a Glenn family reunion at the coast. We'll be spending a week in a tent, in the sand, and hopefully some more sunshine. But sunshine or not we're looking forward to seeing grandma and grandpa Glenn and our cousins from Utah that we haven't seen since Christmas time. But until then I have some strawberries I need to turn into jam that we picked at our local strawberry farm. I'll post on that soon.

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