Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boise Trip Part 3

The rest of our stay in Boise was spent playing outside and enjoying the sunshine! It was sooo good to get out of the gray, cold, and rain of Seattle. We went to the pool just about everyday. We had BBQ's, Picnics, and I even went to visit my Grandma Thornock (from my mom's side). I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was more caught up in being present rather than staying behind the camera lens. I still can't believe I didn't get one shot of us at the pool except for on my phone and even then it was only of Emma and I. But we had lots of fun and I enjoyed seeing my family, cousins and their families.  I think for this post I am mostly going to put up pictures from the trip and I will caption them as I see fit.

Went to a park and let the kids ride their scooters on the trail and play on the playground but it was a tad too hot so we sat in the shade and decided to head back to grandma's to get cool again.

At the splash park for a picnic and a community movie in the park night. Dan had fun trying to get me wet in the fountains. I got him back later by emptying the picnic drinking water cooler down his front. We both were soaked by the time the movie came around. Made for a chilly evening.

On this trip I got to meet my mom's husband for the first time. He is a great guy and I am so happy my mom and him found each other. And Kiera pointed out that now she has "two grandmas and two grandpas!" This is a shot of Emma letting Grandpa Clint hold her for the first time.

 Emma after the cousins did a number on her hair. They tried making her look like Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Suess. No one with golden locks gets past the cousins!

Kiera LOVED the splash park even with the breeze there was no pulling her away from the water unless it was absolutely necessary.

Emma wasn't quite keen on the idea of getting wet, and it was a struggle to get her to do anything in the water at all. But on our last trip to the pool she finally warmed up to the idea and got in the water with me! Again, that picture is on my phone. I'll have to see if I can add it later.

Kayla worked wonders and got Emma to touch the water without screaming! Way to go Aunt Kayla!

After a visit with Great Grandma Thornock, the 5 of us went out for lunch at Denny's. The air conditioning felt good.

Before we left we made sure we paid a visit to the new frozen yogurt shop "Yogurtz". Its a pay by the ounce, pick as many flavors as you want. then top it with anything you could imagine kind of place. They had a whole wall of soft serve machines that dispensed flavor after flavor of frozen yogurt. Then when you got to the toppings it was almost an all you could eat buffet in itself. They had anything from gummy bears, to pop rocks, to sauces, to wedding mints. The kids loved picking out their flavors and were hyped up on sugar for the rest of the day.

 Our last night we had everyone who could come over. My cousins, their spouses and kids, my aunt with her kids and a few others. It was the sort of family together time I have been missing. I love it when everyone gets together. It doesn't matter if we have anything planned, we just hang out and love being together. Here's a picture of a few of us throwing pop-its  before the kids headed off to bed.

And I just had to add this one too. Here's my cousin Courtney with her daughter Riley. Her and Emma are just a month a part. It was so much fun to see them together. They were just infant infants when they were together last.
I will post one more time about our trip and the site we stopped at on our way home, so stay tuned.

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