Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picking Strawberries

You can't live where we do and not have the experience of going to the strawberry patch. It is one of our family traditions each summer. The kids love it, I love it, and I also love the photo opportunity it gives me. The above shot is of one of the full flat boxes we brought home. I ended up with two full flats and the berries are in the freezer now waiting for me to find the time to turn them into jam and other goodies. They make THE BEST strawberry smoothies! Here are a few more of my favorite shots from our picking this year.
Isn't he cute! I love this man!
The best part about the strawberry patch is that they actually encourage you to eat while you pick. Makes the outing so much fun and I don't have to stress about the kids eating before we pay. We might pay a little more but not much and these berries are sooo worth it too.

 Little Miss Em was in HEAVEN. This is what she looked like the entire time.

Kiera was good at helping Emma find some more yummy berries to eat. That girl didn't stop eating the ENTIRE time we were there. I was sooo sure she was going to get sick. She definitely got her dose of vitamin C for the day!

Ethan showing off a double strawberry

 I was taking pictures of everyone when Kiera came up to me and insisted that I needed to have my picture taken too. So, I handed her the camera and she took this one of me.

My little berry pickers. Although I am sure they ate more than they put in the crate

I think this was my all time favorite shot from the day! I am pretty sure I lost this boy a couple times because he was too busy sitting and eating. I just love it!


Sheila said...

How fun!!! We have a berry patch close to us - but I have YET to go there! This really makes me want to go now!!

Mom said...

Fun pics! Thanks for sharing!