Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Costumes Almost Complete

I've been busy busy. I have been canning peaches, apple sauce, strawberry jam, pears, grape juice, and apple pie filling. It seems to never end. I am so looking forward to being done with canning this year. Just one more order of chicken to can and I'll be done.

 In the mean time I've been working on planning and putting together our Halloween costumes for this year. I've decided to go with a Muppets theme. Dad=cookie monster, Mom=Animal, Kiera=Kermit the Frog, Ethan=Big Bird, and Emma=Elmo. I'm just about through. I just have to add finishing touches to mom and dad's costumes and then I'm hoping for a nice sunny night to go and take our family picture with the fall leaves behind us.

Ethan's costume is made from a xxxl sweater I found at the Goodwill that I altered and added a crotch and tie in the back. The eyes on the yellow baseball cap are made out of ping pong balls and I made the legs (not shown) out of an orange and pink scarf. I made some mittens from the parts of the sleeves that I cut off so his hands will be nice and warm too.

Emma's costume is a Clifford the Big Red Dog that I found at goodwill and I just cut the tail off. The .50 cent visor used to be blue but I remedied that with some spraypaint made for plastics. The eyes are some more ping pong balls and the nose is one of the kid's ball pit balls that I painted in orange and sealed with acrylic sealer.

Kermit is pretty simple. I found the hat at Walmart along with mom and dad's Cookie Monster and Animal ones. The collar around the neck is just the collar from one of Kiera's old t-shirts that was too small for her that I cut triangles out of and left in tact to just be pulled over her head. She has a green sweater she'll be wearing Halloween night too.

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