Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was only for a couple minutes!

What is it about the age of 2 that attracts mischief? Is it the sense of curiosity, adventure, play, or just so that we as parents learn patience? Either way I am learning to find the joy in those little moments. Today I was online booking our trip to Victoria, BC in March; and it only took a couple minutes. But in those short little minutes Kiera managed to empty out the entire linen closet. Towels, Blankets, Band-aids, Air mattress; everything! When I rounded the corner Ethan was right there with her all curled up on the mountain of softness. But he escaped the scene when I ran to get the camera. Doesn't she look comfy?

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Anna R said...

How funny!

My kids did that once and then they climbed in and napped on the shelves! I still laugh everytime I look at those pictures.

Kiera probably had a blast dumping everything to make her "bed".