Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying to Revive the Artist in Me

Today I decided to break out my long lost easel and try to make my hands remember how to draw. It has been a loooong time since I have pulled out my charcoal and it was obvious too. I printed out a couple pictures of the kids that I planned on using for a piece. I took them with the intention of portraying a spiritual message. See if you get anything out of them. These warm up drawings are what I came up with. I can tell that Ethan's portrait was the one I started on because my strokes were tighter and I wasn't as warmed up and relaxed as I was when I started Kiera's. Hopefully the next time around I can smooth things up and make my lines a bit more defined. I really need to be drawing more because I can tell that I am loosing my touch quite a bit. My mom has been pushing me to draw and today I finally took her up on it. This is for you mom. Below are the pictures I took of my work. Hopefully there will be more in the NEAR future.

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Anna R said...

Love your blog Brittany!

It's so fun to see all of your wonderful artistic talents!
I'm impressed that you are carving out the time for yourself to keep being creative. That's a hard thing to do sometimes with little kids at home (at least for me..but then, my talents aren't all that creative or artistic either...LOL).

Thanks for sharing your projects and talents on your blog!